We Buy Houses in Pittsburgh
We Buy Houses in Pittsburgh
We Buy Houses in the Pittsburgh Area Contact Us Today! 412-945-0558
We Buy Housesin the Pittsburgh AreaContact Us Today!412-945-0558

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who are your typical sellers?

Usually people who:

  • Own a house that needs more repairs than they have the money, time, and/or desire to make;
  • Have inherited a house and need or want to sell it for cash quickly;
  • Are behind on tax or mortgage payments;
  • Have an unwanted rental property;
  • Are relocating and need to sell their house fast;
  • Are going through a divorce and need to liquidate assets;

2.  What is your definition of an ugly house?

"Ugly" refers to a property that:

  • Is abandoned or vacant;
  • Is inherited and needs a lot of work;
  • Needs a lot of work that the owner can not afford or does not want take on;
  • Has back taxes that the owner does not want to pay;
  • Is a tenant occupied property whose landlord is tired of being a landlord;
  • Which an owner would like to move for any other reason, including wanting a larger or smaller house, or needing to move to another city;
  • Has structural issues that are not apparent on the surface, such as foundation problems;
  • Holds memories the owner desires to move away from;
  • Is located in a neighborhood that the owner views as less than desirable from any standpoint;
  • Has a mortgage that is more than the owner can handle or wants to deal with.

3.  How does this process work?

  • Go to our How It Works page and see our explanation of our simple 4 step process.

4.  How do you arrive at a price you are willing to pay for my house?

There are many things that are taken into consideration when purchasing a house such as:

  • The condition of the house;
  • The extent and cost of renovations required;
  • The time required to complete the renovations;
  • The value of the house once renovations are complete as compared to other houses in the same area;
  • The costs in real estate commissions to market the house once renovations are complete;
  • The costs of insurance, utilities, taxes, loan payments incurred to buy the house, and maintenance while the house is being renovated and on the market.

5.  What if my property is rented?

  • We can still purchase your property with tenants in them.  In some cases, having a good tenant already in place is better than purchasing the house vacant.

6.  Can I stop foreclosure by selling my house?

  • Yes, in most cases selling your house can allow you to avoid foreclosure. This will also allow you to protect your credit and avoid further credit problems.

7.  What kind of houses do you purchase?

  • We buy all types of houses; from ugly houses that need a lot of work, to multi-unit apartment buildings and all in between.

8.  What is the cost of your service?

  • This service is of no cost to you, and there are no underlying hidden fees.

9.  What do you do with my information?

  • The information that we collect from you is only a means that's necessary to process your request for service. The information that you supply to us will better equip us to create a solution that will work for all parties. Your information is strictly confidential and will not be given out to third parties.

10.  If I give you information about my property, am I obligated to sell to you?

  • In NO way are you obligated or bound to sell us your property by the information that you provide us. There are no strings attached.

11.  What price range of properties do you purchase?

  • We buy houses at all price points.

12.  Do you buy mobile homes?

  • No, we do not buy mobile homes regardless of condition or attributes.
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